Kelly Stevens

Pleased to Meet You ...

Hi, I'm Kelly Stevens. I founded Seven Creative in 2011 in Austin, Texas. After 11 years as Art Director for Whole Foods Market developing everything from product packaging to eco-conscious retail interiors to food trucks, I honed my craft and passion for good food and the people that make it. I started Seven Creative to get closer to the source of new great products — you!

I work directly with my clients and have a bevy of whip-smart partners we can call on to ensure we do the right work for your project.

I am a brand expert, art director and packaging designer working primarily in the space of food and food retail. I consider myself above all a storyteller — using all available tools to connect the senses  to amplify meaning and add heart to the interactions between business and consumer. 

I am curious by nature and strive to greet any new experience with "why not?" I believe in the synergy of teamwork and most enjoy working with people that are passionate about their business, I want to help them take off and soar.